A selfie for mom!

A selfie for mom!

Monday, August 31, 2015

Depression hit really hard

Depression hit really hard! But I got to do an exchange with a good friend, Elder N Castro and get out of my area for a day. Plus, I got to see the wedding and baptism of two investigators, Francisco and Andreá that I found more than a year and a half ago! And we got to have the baptism of a little girl, Rafaela, whose mom we are helping come back to activity. I just got done with an interview with President. He´s doing everything to help me end my mission happy and diligent! He gave me a book (in english) "Drawing on the Powers of Heaven". I´ve read it in Portuguese, but now I´ll get even more out of it! Plus I bought an anti-stress coloring book. Sounds kinda pathetic, but I´ve seen it work on Elder Mota, and I know it´ll help me when times get rough. I´m also writing well in my journal (I´ve been writing in English since mom´s birthday) so I´ve got lots of stories for you guys. We´ll be working towards helping my converts go to the temple! Elder Mota and I are doing great! I´ll keep Grandma Richins and Grandma Frei in my prayers! Love you all! -- Élder Thomas Richins Ala Jardim Mirna Estaca Grajaú Missão Brasil São Paulo Interlagos

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