A selfie for mom!

A selfie for mom!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

We have two baptisms on Saturday!

Maddie is so cute!
This week was really hard, but I grew spiritually from it. Elder Almeida´s mom is really sick. She is going to have a surgery this month. Can you put her name in the temple for me? Raimunda Almeida. 
I made some really good goals for the new year that I can show you next week. 
How is you homework from me going?
We have two baptisms on Saturday, Paulo and Tassia. Vai ser bom de mais! 
We are also moving into a new house this week. It´s bigger, quieter, and cleaner, and it´ll just be Elder Almeida and I again. (Right now, we are living with the zone leaders, Elder Alonzo from Uruguay, and Elder Crosland from Salt Lake City.
Almoço is hard, because it´s our one sure opportunity to eat every day, so it makes up about 80% of our food intake. And since I physically can´t eat as much as I should according to custom, it´s complicated. But I´m finding a balance, and everyone says I´m getting skinnier, so I guess all´s well. When we arrive in the new house, I´ll be able to exercise more in the mornings. I am also going to give up soda, since juice and water are almost always available, também. 
So, I haven´t received the medicine (probably confiscated by officials in the post office) or Rachel´s present, or the YW´s present. But I got everything else (from Aunt Barb, the Thompsons, Pat Gilbert, the Primary, the Whites, and Lila Nokes.) 
My favorite section in the Doctrine and Covenants is the one addressed to Thomas B Marsh (It´s in the 30s). It´s really good and each verse is awesome. You gotta read it as a family!
Protein bars are expensive, but you could send me that next time, or slimfast mix. Eggs, mangos, and milk are not expensive, so protein shakes are possible. 
C S Lewis is one of my favorite authors!
Tell me all about your week!
I love hearing from you!
I love you so much!
Elder Richins

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