A selfie for mom!

A selfie for mom!

Monday, October 5, 2015

What does the Lord need me to do after the mission?

So, this week has been super busy. But I´m feeling great! I have three of my best friends (Elders N Castro, Ward, and Sharp) by my side! I got to watch general conference! And I am super pumped to baptize before I go! This conference, I heard two things that I was wanting to hear: 1) what does the Lord need me to do after the mission (and how to do it), and 2) how to better fulfill the promises in my patriarchal blessing. I´m making a lot of goals for how to finish my mission strong and how to keep improving after I get home. Sorry I don´t have much to say... It must have to do with the end coming so soon. But I love you all so much! I´m so happy to see all the blessings that come to my family while I have been out here. That is the number one thing that has helped me keep going. You guys are my motivation to keep pushing my handcart despite the figuratively freezing conditions. And on this journey, I have truly met my Heavenly Father and my Savior through my afflictions. I am eternally grateful for my mission, and for my Redeemer, Jesus Christ. Love, Elder Richins -- Élder Thomas Richins Ala Jardim Mirna Estaca Grajaú Missão Brasil São Paulo Interlagos

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