A selfie for mom!

A selfie for mom!

Monday, May 4, 2015

I'm so happy to be a missionary!

Bom dia minha familia bonita! I´m writing to you from Residencial Cocaia! Elder Almeida and the other missionaries who are going home this week have a meeting outside of the mission boundaries, so I´m on an exchange in another ward in the stake. THINGS ARE GOING REALLY WELL IN JARDIM MIRNA! Paulete foi batizada! She´s a shy, humble woman from Haiti who lives all alone. She was a progressing investigator until the day of her baptism, when she changed her mind. To top that, she got a new job (which she had been praying for) as a housekeeper in Moema. She´s only home on Saturday night and Sunday. But, on the day she would have been baptized, I gave her a copy of The Book of Mormon in French. She was touched and began to read it, as she is still learning Portuguese. We didn´t see her since. But this Sunday, however, she came to church by herself. Elder Almeida wanted to baptize her after the meeting (because the Sisters were already having a baptism). At first, I was doubtful, not wanting our desire to baptize Paulete cause her to fall away even further. I decided to ask God what I should do. I felt a warm confirmation in my heart that today, Paulete could be baptized. So, during Gospel Principles, I prayed more fervently than ever for the Spirit to touch her heart. As I prayed continually, I noticed that Janice, the teacher, was teaching in a way that seemed to be aimed right at Paulete. When the class ended, Paulete stood up and asked Elder Almeida: "You´re going back to Fortaleza. Then you can´t baptize me..." We took her into a separate room with a couple of members. Elder Almeida said that he would love to baptize her, if she made the decision. She thought a second, then smiled and agreed to be baptized. While she went home to get a towel and dry underclothes, we prayed continually that she would return and that nothing would stop her. And she returned! One of the zone leaders interviewed her. I prayed that she would be honest, and worthy conforming to the standards in Doctrine and Covenants 20:37. I also promised Heavenly Father that I would do anything to take good care of her. The members even waited for her to finish the interview before proceeding with the baptism. After a while, she emerged from the room. She had passed the interview! Elder Almeida baptized her, and I played the violin for her. God loves us so much! He loves Paulete so much! So many miracles and tender mercies! I´m so happy to be a missionary! I had the privilege of confirming Maria dos Dores, who was baptized last week, as a member of the Church! OUR MEETING WITH BISHOP GERALD CAUSSE! It was AMAZING! Prior to the meeting, I prayed hard, asking Heavenly Father to help me be spiritually prepared to hear what I need to hear. As soon as Bishop Causse walked into the room, and we all stood up, I felt in my heart that he is a true servant of Jesus Christ, and that he, his wife, and Elder Campos, the area seventy, were sent to help me. I recieved a lot of personal revelation. I heard things that I had been longing to hear, and felt things that I needed to feel. It was great! GOING AWAY PARTY FOR ELDER ALMEIDA! Tonight, the members of Mirna are throwing a going-away party for Elder Almeida. He has made such a great impact on not only this ward, but also on me! TRANSFERS! Transfers are tomorrow! All I know is that I´m staying in Jardim Mirna (ZION). I go to visit Dr Carmen on wednesday, and on thursday, two of my recent converts, who fell away, are getting married. I´m excited because they´ve accepted our visits again! I look forward to going to the wedding and helping them come back to the fold. I know that this is the only true Church of Jesus Christ. He is at the helm of this great work. I testify that Jesus Christ loves each and every one of us. He gave not only His mortal life for us, but He continues to dedicate all of his time and attention to guiding this Church,and blessing our lives individually. Heavenly Father sent Him, and He always pleases His Heavenly Father. Thomas S. Monson is our latter-day prophet, who talks with Christ and is His mouthpiece. We can all be instruments in the hands of God. I testify of this in the holy name of Jesus Christ, Amen. I love you all and have a WONDERFUL week! I´ll see you on Sunday!

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