A selfie for mom!

A selfie for mom!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

We are helping so many people return to church! It feels so good.

This week was really good! We are seeing so much progress here! It´s like nothing I´ve ever seen! This ward has changed so much since I got here! Sacrament Meeting was absolutely packed! It was so great! We are helping so many people return to church! It feels so good to se them return! So, I´m going to go through the list: Breno. So, we lost contact with Breno for a few days. Mykail went on surprise vacation to the beach, so he couldn´t help us. Breno didn´t go to church, but we fasted for him yesterday, so I´m sure that we will find him today and he will be baptized this Sunday. Pablo. Pablo didn´t go to church, either, but we talked to him yesterday and discovered that it was only because he didn´t wake up in time. He said that he´s still excited for his baptism this Sunday (originally Saturday), and that he wants to continue in the church. João Vitor (member) and Beto (young men´s president) are helping him out a lot! João Vitor. His baptismal interview didn´t go so well. He passed everything, but said that he didn´t want to be baptized. We think this is because he was already angry and onery when we found him. He´s got some kind of ADHD, and we really need to complete this family. He went to church yesterday and liked it. Now it´s just a matter of helping him accept the baptism this Sunday. We fasted for him, too. Jaqueline e Ludimila. They are doing really good! They were confirmed yesterday. Jaqueline said that she felt a difference before and after the confirmation. She´s super excited to visit her friends with us and also to go to the temple next year! All is going so well with her and her family! The only problem is that she loves to give food to us, but she really can´t afford it, but she gets upset if we refuse! She´s so great! Rodrigo e Family. Elder J. Barker found this family last week on an exchange. Everyone is baptized, except Rodrigo (14). We visited them yesterday and taught about the Plan of Salvation. They all loved it and expressed desire and intend to return to church next Sunday and work towards being sealed in the temple. We will help Rodrigo work towards baptism on 6th of September. Juvenal e Magda. They are going really well! After a brief relapse, Juvenal quit drinking beer! And they are going to get married! Our fast worked! Both Juvenal and Magda are really excited for this Saturday, when we will go to City Hall to mark their wedding. It was really cool! We convinced them to finally commit to marriage. I challenged them to get married and let God bless them. It was a very powerful lesson. Now, they are on their way... finally! And Magda is pregnant! Cisera, Weverson, e Vanessa. Vanessa is on the verge of coming back, and Weverson is still going strong. We will visit all three of them today, and we will try to help Cisera come to church. We´re going to complete this family! And they all know how to make cake. And they love giving us cake! Gabriel e Guilharme. Gabriel went to church and will receive the Aaronic Priesthood this Sunday! He was sustained in church yesterday! It´s so great! He´ll be a deacon! Guilharme is another story... but we will get him to church! He´s so young, and these first months are so critical. But with the help of Gabriel, Selma (their family-friend and ride to church), and the Lord, he will stay active! Juvenal. So, this story is pretty interesting. I was trying to call Juvenal (the investigator), but I accidently called Juvenal (the inactive member). Juvenal said over the phone that he was wanting to return to church. The next day, we asked Bishop Getúlio who he wants us to reactive. Among the group was Juvenal. So we visited his house later in the week. Turns out he was really strong in the church, even the Ward Mission Leader, but he fell away. He expressed desire to return. Last Saturday, he gave a powerful testimony of the gospel to his nonmember wife, and on Sunday, he went to church! We will help him baptize his wife and daughter! Fred e Maria. I attached a photo with Maria and Fred to this email. They are from Pará, a state in the North of Brasil. They are really cool. Maria is helping out a lot with Jaqueline (recent convert). We are currently helping Fred come back. He flaked out yesterday, but sounded more firm for this Sunday. Turns out that his sister is Rodrigo´s mom (also called Jaqueline). We will use the two Jaquelines to reactivate Fred. I really want to help this family come back! We will have lunch in their house on Sunday! So, those are the "main characters" of this week. Please remember them in your prayers! There are so many miracles that we are seeing here! I´m writing them all down so that I can share them with you when I return! I started Daniel this week in my Bible study! I really want to send an email to Ashton. Do you have her address? I also want to know more about Dad´s and Kyle´s missions. I realized that I know very little about them! If you could, send me stories! Or even pictures! That´s about it for this week! I want to leave you with my testimony that God lives and that He loves all of His children. It´s our sacred responsability, as members of the only true and living Church of Jesus Christ, to help them to return to the Kingdom of God. I know that Jesus Christ died for us, and that He arose from the tomb as a perfect, glorified, resurrected Being. I know that, because of Him, we will overcome physical and spiritual death, and receive eternal exaltation, according to our own faithfulness and obedience. I love my Savior and I love this work! I leave you this in the name of Jesus Christ, amen. I love you! Have a great week! Elder Richins

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