A selfie for mom!

A selfie for mom!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Being a missionary is so awesome!

WOW! THIS WEEK WAS AWESOME! On Monday, we had family home evening with Alessandra. She was baptized recently. She lives alone with her three young kids (with another on the way) in a very humble home. But, working with the members, we have brought the spirit of Christmas into her home. Among other things, they´ve got a small Christmas tree, a large photo of the Temple of São Paulo, and a beautiful painting of the Savior. We´re working with her son, Davi, to prepare him to receive the Aaronic Priesthood. On Tuesday, we had a HUGE miracle! So, we were walking home from lunch after district meeting, when it started to rain, out of nowhere. I swear that it was flash flooding (actually there was devastating flooding in the neighboring missions). Because we were returning from district meeting, we had our area book with us, and other study materials that we consider sacred. So, we decided to pray. Ducking under a canopy, we said a fervent prayer, asking God to stop the rain just enough for us to leave our stuff in the apartment. We both acknowledged a feeling of great faith as we continued our walk home. Immediately, as we left the cover of the canopy, the rain stoppped completely, for the rest of the day. I feel impressed also to mention that right before the rain stopped, two beggars, who were also under the canopy, asked for food. Luckily, at that moment, we had some chocolate chip cookies. We gave them some, and they were so grateful! On Thursday, we had a mission tour with President Claudio R. M. Costa, in the stake center next to the temple. It was amazing. I learned so many great and wonderful things! It turns out that he was so impressed by our mission, that he shared things that he usually doesn´t share. After the meeting, On Saturday, we had stake conference! Isaura, who we are preparing to be baptized on the 27th went to church and loved it! Especially President Dalton´s talk about the Spirit of Elijah and temples. President Dalton gave us a ride home. Elder Sharp got two Christmas packages! Peanut butter snickers and gingerbread cookies! Woo! On Sunday, we had a huge lunch, with the Bishop, his second counsellor, the Relief Society president, one of her counsellors, the YM and YW presidents, and their families. It was so great! I love my "familia Interlagos"! Yesterday, we had the Christmas Conference! A team of podologists (foot doctors) came and gave us a training, and a check up. They gave us tie clips! Also, the First Presidency sent a Christmas card to all the missionaries! Sister Dalton made us ornaments! She´s so sweet! She got hurt recently (she did something to her knee, similar to what happened to Dad), so keep her in your prayers! She´s recovering from a surgery! President and Sister Dalton furnished a great breakfast AND lunch (churrasco) with dessert! We also had many musical numbers, including that was just my zone, and another that was the mission choir. I loved singing in that choir! I now know how to sing the tenor and bass parts of "Joy to the World"! I finished the Standard Works! WOW! I learned SO MUCH from the scriptures! What a privilege it is to have them! I also finished Preach My Gospel, and I´ve arrived at Alma 34. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. And I know that God speaks through his living prophet, Thomas S. Monson! We´ve been getting a lot of rain (which is needed), but today is a great sunny, warm day. I´m stoked! It´s going to be great! Being a missionart is so awesome! The 22nd of December is arriving! I hold this day in sacred remembrance because this is the day that Mom and Dad were sealed to each other, to me, and to our Heavenly Father. This week, I´m excited to share with everyone the good news of the Savior´s birth, and also of temple blessings, which come through His infinite atonement. I glory in my Jesus. He is my Hope, my Strength, my Rock and my Redeemer. Without Him, I am nothing, and through Him, all things are possible. I´m so happy that I have been able to get to know Him through my trials and afflictions. And I am so excited to see Him again in the flesh at the last day. He lives and He will come again. Of this I testify in His holy name, even the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. -- Élder Thomas Richins Ala Interlagos (antiga Cidade Dutra) Estaca Interlagos Missão Brasil São Paulo Interlagos

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