A selfie for mom!

A selfie for mom!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Three weeks straight of baptisms!

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Three weeks straight of baptisms! We had our fourth baptism last saturday. They go as follows:
Paulo and Tassia - young couple in their 30s with three kids (Paulo can baptize the two daughters, who are over the age of 8), who were referencies of the Stake President. They are super adamant about missionary work and might be called to serve as ward missionaries. Baptized 18 jan.
Juan - 8 years old, whose older brother, Luka, 18, was baptized last year. technically not our investigator, but we taught him and his family until the Sisters came and he became their investigator. Baptized 18 Jan. 
Vinicius - 12 years old. His family is a part member family, where there was only one active member in the house, Thales (15). We reactivated him and his mom, only to find out that he had to be rebaptized (his records were lost). We are now working to reactivate two more family members, and baptize his dad (they have to marry legally, first). Baptized 25 Jan.
Hilda - 69 years old. She can´t walk on her own. Her son, daughter-in-law, and grandson were baptized within the last couple years. She was very stubborn, but knowing that she could have a perfect body again and live in a fullness of joy with her family convinced her to enter the waters of baptism. Her grandson, Lucas, who will leave to serve a full-time mission in Curitiba, Brazil this month, baptized her. Baptized 1 Fev. 

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